okay…you win i cant take it anymore. I MISS YOU. the way you got mad at me when you cared so much. your cute little laugh. your kiss. your smile. Our promises. sleeping in your arms, i have honestly never felt more loved<3 Am i not suppose to miss you? like its literally giving me heartache. you…


Do you ever miss someone so much that it feels like a part of you is dying? As if a small part of you is slowly withering away..? There’s that constant heart-ache. As if someone is clutching desperately at your heart trying to squeeze the life out of it. And it makes you choke. Your mouth is dry…


The lyrics to this song.

Just for you!!!

My words, they don’t come out right, but I’ll try to say I’m happy for you.
Blue October, “Congratulations”

To think I actually was gonna take you back! Now I hear nothing from you so this is the way it will be!!!!